Painful Heels Might Need Support

November 01, 2017

Most things in life either need or deeply benefit from some type of support. Cathedrals have buttresses. Rock climbers use belay lines. Even individual people benefit from supportive families and friends who are there in difficult times. Your feet aren't much different, particularly when they are struggling with uncomfortable problems like heel pain. Sometimes adding support for your heels is what you need to alleviate your discomfort.

Heel pain has many different causes, and for that reason, there are many different treatments designed to address the underlying problems. One of the big culprits is overuse and stress affecting the back of the foot. Repetitive hard impacts and poor biomechanics can wear down and aggravate your heels, contributing to your pain.

This is where having a little extra support can help. Your feet may need some additional cushioning to help them absorb shock and pressure without causing pain. Poor or faulty biomechanics may need to be adjusted or controlled to prevent overuse or extra strain on the back of the foot.

Custom orthotics can provide this for your feet, giving your painful heels the support they need. That way you're better able to handle pressure on your heels. Custom orthotics also help stabilize your midfoot. This can help control abnormal foot motion that might be directing too much strain to your heels. In any case, the little extra support alleviates the strain and provides you with the relief you need.