Solutions for Sore Summer Feet

May 15, 2018

Ahh, summertime! Barbeques, swim and garden parties, outdoor concerts, weddings – time to get out the sassy sundresses with shoes to match. Warm-weather footwear is lighter, freer, and, because it’s usually less supportive, can be harder on our feet. Combined with our extra-dry climate, this can create foot care challenges.

Those adorable sling-back heels or wedge sandals leave our feet more open – literally – to cuts and bruises, blisters, and dry, cracking skin. Our heels are especially vulnerable, as they bear most of our weight. Arch pain, twisted ankles and feet that are extra sensitive to pressure because of sunburn and sores can make enjoying our fair-weather footwear more difficult.

Orthotics to the Rescue

You don’t have to suffer through summer. Foot Doctors Orthotics’ trusted brand of orthotic inserts are all made on site, by Dr. O and her team of experts, including a certified pedorthist. Each one is custom-fitted for the unique contours and needs of your feet; we make them for every type of shoe.

  • High heels - You don’t have to give up style for that summer wedding. These ¾  length orthotics are slimmer to fit into your high heel dress shoes. Created with a unique Cobra design in the heel, they will keep you dancing all night.
  • Low-heeled and flat dress shoes, men’s dress shoes – Also ¾ length and slimmer to fit into dress shoes. Like all of our custom orthotics, these are easy to move from shoe to shoe, so the comfort goes everywhere with you.
  • Sport and Casual Shoes – Your feet will feel as great as those new sandals look! Our medical- grade orthotics are designed for your sport or casual shoes; full-length, meant to replace the insole in your sport shoe. Custom orthotic inserts can appease many foot conditions, including sprains, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, Achilles tendonitis, and neuromas.
  • EVA Accommodative Custom Orthotics for Sensitive Feet – If your feet are already extra-sensitive because of summer skin cracks, cuts or blisters, or if you have a medical condition like diabetes, this full-length orthotic insert made of EVA might be just what the doctor ordered. EVA (ethel vinyl acetate) is a foamy, man-made material that flexes during walking, is highly shock absorbent, and is resistant to UV radiation.

Custom orthotics can transform your summer feet from sore to super, while protecting them from further injury. We have an orthotic for every style of summer shoe imaginable. Except for flip-flops, and you really don’t want to wear them very often, anyway.

Did we mention that you can do your own custom fitting for Foot Doctor Orthotics without leaving your house? Have Questions Call: 877-598.247