Wondering If Custom Orthotics Are Worth It?

November 01, 2017

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of products out there that claim to help. Some say that wearing or eating a specific thing boosts your athletic performance. Some products claim they’ll cut your energy bills, or help you use less water. Others say they’ll help you lose weight, or build muscles, faster. Savvy people generally ask, “Is this product really worth it?” Plenty of people do this with their health, too, including their foot health. When it comes to custom orthotics, they really are worth the investment.

Custom orthotics are special inserts for shoes that are designed to accommodate and correct gait issues. Though their over-the-counter cousins that you can find in pharmacies and grocery stores are similar, they are not the same things. Pre-fabricated models are not customized for your individual needs and not nearly as durable as the doctor-prescribed custom ones. They are also unable to help correct gait issues.

You need a custom orthotic that is truly designed for you—one that fits your foot correctly, and adjusts your gait or accommodates your hard impacts to alleviate your pain and improve your foot function. Investing in custom orthotics, then, is definitely worthwhile. They work by adjusting how your feet strike the ground. This helps your foot absorb pressure and hard impacts the way they are supposed to, all without adding stress to your lower limbs.