What are Bunions?

A bunion is an enlargement and displacement of the joint of the big toe.  A bunion is often associated with the big toe moving towards the smaller toes and crowding them. Often the bunion gets so large that the 2nd toe overlaps the big toe.  Bunions can run in the family. Bunions are caused by a structural imbalance in the foot. The worst thing about bunions is that they are progressive and will usually worsen over time.



Signature Symptoms

Bunions are painful. They are painful when wearing shoes. They are painful when participating in activities and can even be painful when driving in a car, walking barefoot or lying in bed at night as the deformity presses on the mattress.


How Can Custom Orthotics Help?

Fitted custom orthotics will never correct the bunion if it has already formed, however, custom orthotics can help prevent the bunion from getting worse. Custom orthotics will also realign the foot so that the deformity might not rub in the shoe, reducing pain. Finally, custom orthotics can be beneficial in preventing bunions to develop.   

Custom orthotics act to ensure the first metatarsal bone is in better alignment with the ground which can decrease the harmful pressure in the big toe joint that leads to bunions, arthritis, and pain. 

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