Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

A neuroma is simply a swollen nerve.  Morton’s neuroma occurs in the nerves at the base of the toes on the bottom of your foot.  Located between the second and third toes or between the third and fourth toes.  If the nerve is repeatedly pinched or irritated, it will enlarge and can scar. 

Morton’s neuroma can be caused by ill-fitting shoes which press against the nerves or high heel shoes which put pressure on your toes.




Signature Symptoms

Morton’s neuroma can occur when you have been putting pressure on the forefoot area while walking, running, or jumping.  The aggravated nerve can cause tingling, numbness, burning, or shooting pains.  Patients often state their toes feel like they are asleep or it feels like they are walking on a wrinkled or crumpled sock.  Some patients state they have a frequent urge to take off their shoes and massage their foot.  A Morton’s neuroma will not disappear on its own.

How can Custom Orthotics help?

Custom Orthotics can change the weight distribution on the foot and provide better arch support which relieves pressure on your pinched nerve.  If you need ball of foot pain relief, our custom orthotics can help.

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